Preventing Intimate Partner Violence in Uganda Kenya and Tanzania Workshop
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Thu, 2014-08-21 09:58

Preventing intimate partner violence in Uganda Kenya and Tanzania a joint workshop of the Uganda national academy of Sciences and the US Institute of Medicine, Aug 11-12 2014


Intimate Partner violence (IPV) prevention and response is a global public health and human right issue.  An East African Regional Workshop was convened in Kampala, Uganda to address the magnitude of the problem, its intersection with HIV and other health consequences and the possible causal pathways, barriers and lessons learnt to mitigate the same.  It was clearly articulated that Policies and programs need to address primary, secondary and tertiary prevention and response to IPV.  Strategies of intervention included capacity building of  health workers and provision of  quality of care; community mobilization with gender empowerment; conducting of operational research; multi-sector coordination; enhancing the role of the judicial system and health system for  optimization of service delivery.  The Country specific response was to embrace evidence for best practices, enhance technical expertise and advocacy to alleviate IPV.  In concluding the workshop  participants in their various capacities and from their respective countries committed to be the foot soldiers in ensuring prevention, interventional strategies and responses /referral networks are established and/ or strengthened to tackle Intimate Partner violence.


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