student community outreach
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Muslim Students Association University of Nairobi holds annual medical camps

Light Sisters Organization

Pumwani, Majengo Medical Camp


Light Sisters Organization is a Non –Governmental Organization. Their main objective is to make a difference in life through education and health.

Staff and students from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology University of Nairobi led by Prof Zahida Qureshi joined the Light sisters organizers in organizing a free medical camp on 10th November 2012. This was also done in collaboration with Muslim Students Association of the University of Nairobi (MSAUN).

The group also worked very closely with the staffs of the local health centers and the locals in Pumwani in the preparation of the camp date and on the very material day for the camp. These members were very instrumental in ensuring the camp’s success.

Free medical services were provided on 10th November, 2012 as one of the activities for the organization in the year 2012. The different units in the camp comprised of:

  • Registration area                                 Pharmacy
  • Nursing Station                                   VCT
  •  General Physicians                             Pediatrics
  •  Dental                                                            Laboratory
  • Gynecology                                         Security Team


A total of 545 patients were registered. Many had multiple consultations that included medical, dental and gynecological assessments; this meant that the actual number of patients consulted was about 800. The total number of volunteers was 63.

Gynaecology unit saw 64 patients who were subjected to via/ vili tests to check for cervical abnormalities and breast examinations. Six abnormalities were detected and patients referred for further tests.